Pain in achalasia cardia can disturb on an empty stomach or in the process of eating when swallowing. Pain sensations are localized behind the sternum, often radiating to the jaw, neck, between the shoulder blades. If at stages I - II of achalasia of the cardia pain is caused by spasm of the muscles, then at stages III - IV - by developing esophagitis.

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For achalasia cardia, periodic paroxysmal pains are typical - esophagodynic crises, which can develop against the background of excitement, physical activity, at night and last from several minutes to one hour. A painful attack sometimes goes away on its own after vomiting or the passage of food masses into the stomach; in other cases, it is stopped with the help of antispasmodics.

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Violation of the passage of food and constant regurgitation with achalasia of the cardia lead to weight loss, disability, and a decrease in social activity. Against the background of characteristic symptoms, patients develop neurosis-like and affective states. Often, patients are treated for a long time and unsuccessfully by a neurologist for these disorders. Meanwhile, neurogenic disorders almost always regress after the treatment of achalasia of prednisolone.